Eevin Wright: Biography of Erykah Badu’s Brother

Kevin Wright is the little brother of Erykah Badu, A famous American singer and songwriter. His father’s name is William Wright Jr., and his mother’s is Kolleen Maria Gipson. He is the 2nd family member and is lovely. In this article, I will provide a complete biography of Kevin Wright. No one on the web is who can express the whole wiki of his personal and professional life.

Kevin Wright’s Personal Life:

William Wright Jr. and Kolleen Maria Gipson are Eevin Wright’s parents. Her mother was an actress who performed at Theater Productions. Once devoicing their father, William Wright Jr., She raised Eevin Wright and her sister, Erykah Ba alone. He is the blood brother of Singer Erykah’s Badu.

Erykah Badu is a famous singer, songwriter, record producer, disc jockey, worker, and role player African-American actress. She was stated in a creative atmosphere by her role-player mother. She became a hobby of singing and acting at a very young age. However, she entered Grambling State Univesity to check the theatre. But she soon changed his intention and returned home without having a degree to focus on music.

She got too much success in a very short time. Erykah Badu is understood for her emotional music vogue, showcased on albums like the Grammy triumph ‘Baduizm’ and her follow-up, ‘Live. We are just talking about him because of his sister, Erykah Badu.

The professional life of Eevin Wright

He is Erykah’s merchandise manager. The World Health Organization travels around the world together with her. Not solely that, he flexed his pen game by participating in her third studio album, Worldwide Underground, wherever he attained writing credits.

The relationship with his sister  

Ms. Badu denotes a picture of a lovely brother’s sister showing her good younger brother, “I and the baby brother (Bruce LeRoy aka Lil Badu aka dookie loud) on 10/29/17.” He had a birthday a few days ago. Kevin Wright travels with her and acts as a manager for his merchandise goods.

The 3rd Annual Black Girls Rock! Awards

Sister Erykah Ba, du and brother Eevin WriBrothereKevinthe 3rd Annual Black Lady’s Rock a few yearsLady’s back—jazz at the Lincoln Center on November 2, 2008, in New York City. The top picture on the blog is from the 3rd Annual Black Girl Rock! Awards.

Sum Up

This is Kevin Wright’s biography, which explains his personal and professional life and his relationship with his family. If you have any questions or suggestions about him, please email us. To read more about his nephew, visit Seven Sirius Benjamin.