How to refill flower bomb perfume?

Perfume is a mixture of alcohol, water, and fragrance, just like particular trees and flowers. It has a sweet smell, so people may also use perfume to remove their foul smell. Perfume plays an important role in improving your personality. If you use perfume, you can attract the people who live around you. There are many types of perfume available worldwide, and some perfumes can irritate you. If you are thinking of buying a perfume, please check first which perfume is suitable for you. In this article, I will discuss how to refill perfume in your empty bottle and why people fill an empty perfume bottle? How to refill flower bomb perfume? Feel free to contact us on Kaz Magazine, if you need any help regarding to this.


Why people refill an empty perfume bottle:

There are two reasons why people refill their empty perfume bottles twice

1-If you have a beautiful perfume bottle

2- If the bottle in which you have perfume has leaked


Which thing do you need when you refill a perfume bottle

1- Main perfume bottle

2- Pliers

3- Scissors

4- Funnel or syringe

5- Empty the bottle you are transferring perfume to

6- Tissue or thin cloth for cleanness.

If you have these things, you can refill a perfume bottle easily. We will start with how to refill an empty perfume bottle.


Step By Step Method, How to refill flower bomb perfume?.

1-Remove the cap and sprayer of the empty bottle

First of all, remove the cap of empty. Then remove the sprayer from the bottle. When removing the cap and sprayer, use a thin cloth; otherwise, this can damage your hand. When you are doing this process, do it very cautiously.

2- Remove the base of the sprayer

This is the most important thing in this article. When you are removing the base of the sprayer, use a scissor.

The base of the sprayer are two kinds

1- Plastic

2- Metal

3-When you are removing the bottom of the plastic sprayer

If the bottle of perfume has a plastic base, this should be easy to remove the bottom of the sprayer. Take a pair of scissors and rub them on the base sprayer. Do this on all sides of the base. You can do it separately easily.

4-When you are removing the metal base sprayer

If the bottle of perfume has a metal base, this should be difficult. The reason is that Metal would have been harder to bend than plastic. Now to the metal base, turn right to the left. Now you can easily do separate metal bases. Keep in mind that the metal base may be broken, so be careful when removing the metal base sprayer.

5-Use a syringe when you are filling perfume in a bottle

Now you can fill perfume in an empty bottle with the syringe. Always use a needle; otherwise, the perfume may fall outside and your own hands. If you use a syringe, you can save your perfume. Otherwise, you can waste your perfume.

6-seal the bottle

When resealing the bottle, keep one thing in your mind use a thin cloth or tissue under the base of a sprayer. This can strengthen the hold of the base of the sprayer on the bottle.