Joan Catherine Anderson Danbury: James Herriot Wife

Joan Catherine Anderson Danbury (1919-1999) was the wife of the famous British veterinary surgeon and author James Herriot. She proved herself a responsible mother, a caring wife, a big contributor to her husband’s achievements, a supporter in advertising her husband’s books and work, a good administrator, and a basic pillar in various welfare organizations for humans and animals.

After her husband’s death, he continued her husband’s work till her last breath. No doubt, she was a complete woman in her personality.

This article will provide us with a comprehensive knowledge of Joan’s biography.


Who is Joan Catherine Anderson Danbury?

Joan Catherine Anderson Danbury, a bold lady daughter of Horace Anderson Danbury and Laura Beatrice Woodford. She married James Herriot, a famous veterinary surgeon who wrote multiple books during his professional career.

She proved herself as a supportive partner, a responsible mother, and a complete woman in her personality. This article gives us a comprehensive overview of her life’s angles, from birth to supporting her husband and her personal life events.  

i) Life span:

Joan Catherine Anderson Danbury was born on March 28, 1919, in Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom. Her father’s name was Horace Anderson Danbury, and her mother’s was Laura Beatrice Woodford. When she was born, her father was twenty, and her mother was 30.

She spent her life in Thirsk, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom, in 1939. She embraced death on July 14, 1999, in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom, when she was about eighty.

ii) Physical appearance: 

Joan Catherine Anderson Danbury was a delicate woman who looked very handsome and slim, having a weight of around 110 pounds and an average height of 5 feet 2 inches tall. Her eyes were blue, which made her much more attractive.

iii) Educational background:

Initially, she was interested in creativity and subjects like art and literature. After fulfilling her early education, she got admission in English literature at the University of Leeds. After graduating, she started his educational profession as a teacher of art and literature at a nearby local school.

In addition to teaching, she showed a lot of interest in different welfare services for humans and animals. She also worked as a secretary in a Thirsk corn mill.

iv) Affairs and marriage:

During her social services for animals, she interacted with James Herriot, who was a talented veterinary surgeon of that time. She considered this patch-up as one of her most important life incidents. She married to JamesHerriot in 1950, and God gifted her with two children named James and Rosemary. She spent almost 50 years of married life with James Herriot until she died in 1999.


Life In Thirsk:

Joan Catherine Anderson Danbury and Herriot spent much of their life in Thirsk, a market town in north Yorkshire, England. Herriot started as a veterinary surgeon at Skel Dale House Veterinary Surgery and was aided by Joan Catherine Anderson Danbury.

She managed all administrative issues of the business. Both were considered role models for the fictional Darrow by the village in James’ books. Joan also played a vital role in providing service for organizations working for both humans and animals 

I) Family life:

JOAN CATHERINE and James Herriot married on November 5, 1941, and had two children. James Alexander Wight, the boy, born in 1943, and Rosemary Wight girl, born in 1947. Soon after their birth, both their children took an interest in animals and decided to become a vet like their father.

However, James Alexander Wight adopted this interest as a profession and completed his graduation in veterinary. After that, he started their practice atSkel Dale House Veterinary Surgery. Rosemary selected arts as her professional carrier. She learned skills and soon became an expert artist in animal portraits and landscapes.

However, animal love is inherited in her blood, shown throughout her professional carrier.

ii) Joan’s role in Herriot life:

Joan Catherine Anderson Danbury played a vital role in the life of James Herriot life success. From the first marriage day, she gave James Herriot unstoppable support and courage. Joan’s belief in the capabilities of James Harrier made him work efficiently and continue advertising his work on social media, making him the famous veterinary surgeon of his time. Joan proved herself a basic pillar in every big achievement of Herriot life.  


Life after James Herriot’s death:

Joan Catherine Anderson Danbury and James Herriotspend a joyful life until James died in 1995. After her husband’s death, She continued her efforts to promote his literary legacy by organizing and attending different events and scheduling various interviews to keep James’s name alive in people’s hearts. 


Joan Catherine Anderson Danbury’s death:

Joan Catherine Anderson Danbury embraced death on September 14, 1999. She proved herself a masterpiece not for her individual life and family but also in supporting humanity by providing her services for the welfare of both humans and animals.



Joan Catherine Anderson Danbury was a masterpiece. She handled every department of her life with utmost care. She is considered a role model for all young females of society in all aspects, from an individual level to family caretaker and teamwork in social organizations.