Stonebridge Golf Course: A Comprehensive Review


Stonebridge Golf Course, acclaimed for its exceptional maintenance and diverse amenities, has been a favorite among golf enthusiasts for years. This article compiles reviews from various golfers to provide a detailed overview of the course’s features and amenities. A comprehensive guide will help you to understand all features and course relevant information like condition, maintenance and design.

Address:     4415 Links Dr, West Valley City, UT
Phone:       +1 801-957-9000


Course Maintenance and Design

  • Pristine Condition: Golfers consistently praise the course for its well-maintained greens, fairways, and sand traps.
  • 27 Holes of Variety: Offer
  • ing three distinct 9-hole courses, Stonebridge provides a diverse and challenging experience for all levels of golfers.
  • Challenging Layout: Reviewers often mention the course’s challenging holes and beautiful layout, ideal for both amateur and seasoned golfers.


Amenities and Facilities

  • Practice Areas: The course boasts a large driving range and a short game practice area with a bunker, catering to golfers looking to improve their game.
  • Clubhouse and Cafe: The clubhouse and cafe receive high praise for their exceptional service and quality of food.
  • Events and Tournaments: Stonebridge is noted for hosting various events, including weddings, parties, and golf tournaments, though some reviewers suggest an improvement in beverage options.
  • Golf shope: All type of golf equipment available to buy and play, like golf clubs, balls, bags, shoes, retrievers etc


Accessibility and Playability

  • Pace of Play: Golfers appreciate the reasonable spacing of groups, contributing to a smooth pace of play.
  • Accessibility: Regulars commend the course for being easily accessible and offering great deals like the Players Pass.
  • Equipment and Carts: Some reviews point out the lack of amenities in golf carts, such as phone charger connections.


Customer Service at Stonebridge Golf Course

  • Staff Friendliness: The staff, from the clubhouse to the cafe, is frequently lauded for their courteous and professional service.
  • Concerns: A few reviewers express dissatisfaction with staff interactions, particularly regarding pace of play management.


Environment and Location

  • Scenic Beauty: Reviewers often mention the course’s beauty, with its lush greens and water features.
  • Environmental Factors: Some golfers note issues with mosquitos and occasional odors from water features.


Challenges and Improvements

  • Pace of Play Management: There are mixed reviews on the management of slow players and pace of play.
  • Beverage Options: A common suggestion is for the course to expand its beverage offerings, including acquiring a liquor license.



Stonebridge Golf Course emerges as a well-maintained, challenging, and enjoyable destination for golfers. While it excels in course conditions, variety, and customer service, there is room for improvement in aspects like beverage options and pace management. Overall, it stands as a highly recommended golfing venue.