When it is too late for gum grafting?

Gum is the soft tissues of our jaws that cover the bones of our mouth and teeth, act as a barrier to prevent our teeth form any kind of viral infection or bacteria, and tightly packed our teeth to keep them in place, plays a major role in our oral health condition. Many factors cause our gums to start receding like lack of dental care, genetics, hormonal problem, aggressive bruising, family history, etc. These factors cause our gums disease, also known as periodontal disease, to start causing bad breath to even tooth loss. This article will help you to understand “When it is too late for gum grafting” and its factors.

Gum grafting: Gum grafting is a dental surgery that is very simple and quick to prevent gums from receding. In this surgery, a periodontist removes the tissues of our healthy gums from the roof of the mouth and replaced them with the affected area to prevent further recession.

What is gums recession?

When the gums tissues wear away, gums recession occur and as a result, more tooth at the root start exposed, more likely to decay, and increase sensitivity during eating and drinking some hot or cold. Many people don’t pay attention at the beginning which results in them losing their lovely smile.

Gum grafting is necessary for people to prevent further tooth loss and some people use it as a cosmetic reason to get a better smile.

Technique for gum grafting

There are many varieties of gum grafting and different types of surgeries available but it depends that how much area is affected and what is the requirement of people.

Before this procedure, local anesthesia is provided by the periodontist to numb the area which is damaged and to make this treatment painless.

There are three types of surgeries performed in gum grafting

  • Free gingival graft
  • Connective tissue graft
  • Pedicle graft

Before the procedure, you don’t have any need to change your diet plan, after the appointment, your periodontist will choose the right type of graft for you.

Free gingival graft

When your gums are thin and require some extra tissues to enlarge your gum then your periodontist removes a piece of tissue from the top layer of your mouth roof and stitches it where it is needed, this grafting prevents further recession.

Connective tissue graft

In this graft, the periodontist removes the underneath top layer of tissue by opening a small flap in the roof of your mouth and stitching it where gums tissues are needed to cover the exposed area of the tooth root and stitching the flap also where the tissue is taken.

Pedicle graft

In this procedure, the periodontist makes a flap of tissues that are nearer to your receding gums and uses this flap to cover the receding gyms area. In this grafting there is no need to take tissue from any other part of your mouth, this procedure is most successful because in this technique the blood flow of any part of your mouth remains the same, and no cut will appear.

Once the periodontist completes the suturing, they will quickly clean your mouth with some antibacterial mouth wash; this is a very quick and easy method and also gives you all the prescriptions, how to take care until the grafting is healed and you have to follow these guidelines to reduce the risk of infection.

Advantages of gum grafting

There are the following benefits of gum grafting some are given below;

  • By this, we can reduce the risk of gum diseases like gum recession
  • We can prevent the roots of teeth that are exposed
  • We can decrease the rate of sensitivity and easily drink and eat any kind of food
  • We get a better smile through this procedure

How long did your recovery take?

Recovery time may vary according to the intensities of gum recession. After this treatment, bleeding, swelling, soreness, and discomfort may occur on the first day, but the periodontist already gives medication to reduce the discomfort. You have to eat some soft food like eggs and boil vegetables until getting soft and cool food like ice cream, pasta yogurt, pudding, smoothies, etc.

After one week bleeding stops and swelling reduce but bruising may occur, you have to avoid eating hard food, don’t do strenuous exercise, smoke, and avoid brushing the treated area until your periodontist said it’s safe for you. After one or two weeks you get your comfort again. Its cost may vary from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.


Rarely, the grafting tissues don’t attach to the grafting area and as a result, gum grafting failure occurs. The following symptoms have been seen as the result of grafting failure;

  • Severe bleeding
  • Swelling the grafting area
  • Loss of blood supply of the grafting tissues

In that case, you have to consult your surgeon immediately.


Gum grafting is a wonderful procedure that you can use to prevent tooth loss and bad breath, and especially improve your oral health by preventing any bacteria. You must follow all the instructions that your periodontist gives you and have regular checkups because if you are healthy, you can enjoy every moment of your life. If you feel any problem related to any part of content having the title: When it is too late for gum grafting, Just contact us for corrections.