Who is Frank Azar? A complete biography of Frank Azar Attorney

Frank Azar was born on 1957, in Beirut, Lebanon, he spend his childhood days in Beirut, Lebanon, when he was just 6 year old, he and his family moved to Oklahoma.

After arriving in the United States, he soon adapted his life to American life and learned English. He took admition in University of Oklahoma where he studied about business administration. Now at this time the net worth of Frank azar net worth is $10 million .In 1992 he create his personal office and start his business from a small level, In this article we will discuss about biography of Frank Azar Attorney.


Frank grew up with his family. His father and grandfather were good lawyers. He continued the tradition of his family and became a good lawyer. When Frank’s office had more than 60 people and he became the number one lawyer in the United States, he always said that he did not want to be a lawyer like his grandfather.

Basic info of Frank Azar:

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Physical Status

  • Height:            5’10
  • Weight:           78kg
  • Heir color:     Black
  • Eye color:      Black


  • Highest Qualification:           Graduation
  • University:                                  University of Colorado

Social Profiles

  • Facebook Not any
  • Instagram Not any
  • Twitter Not active
  • Linkedin 240 connection 275 followers as of 2022

Famous reality.
He has a membership in the Phi Beta Kappa fraternity. He established his own firm, Franklin D. Azar and Associates, in 1983.

The career of Frank Azar:

In 1192, Frank Azar create the firm law Azar with just three colleagues, he started this business from a small level, Then he started to expand his business and there came a time when his firm’s office became the number 1 United States office in the world, currently employing 60 colleagues. Frank received a lot of respect from the firm Law; he was considered the number 1 lawyer in the United States.

How did Frank Azar become a successful person?

Frank Azar become is a successful person the first reason is that he is a hard work person, After completing his graduation from the University of Oklahoma, he created his personal firm, and the name of his firm is Azar law firm. After the success of the Azar law firm, he becomes an investor and invests his worth in a lot of business. Know the earned money from a lot of resources. Now he is the partner of a Real Estate Company and a private investigation firm.

Sum Up:

He is a professional lawyer; he is the number one lawyer in the united state. If you have any case you can contact with Frank Azar. He becomes the best lawyer the reason is that he is a hard work person. Feel free to contact us if you found any mistakes!