Shipping to Amazon FBA rapid express freights

Shipping is defined as the transportation of the different products from one place to another place through different mediums, shipping could be done through motor ways, air ways as well as water ways it all depends upon where you want to deliver your products. Now a days Amazon considerd as the best platform to sell and purchase different items, Amazon provides  three different methods for shipping easy shipping, self shipping and FBA shipping.

Delivering products to your customers on time to any part of the world  to maintain a good reputation as a seller is a bit difficult task, to deal with this problem read our article shipping to Amazon FBA rapid express freights carefully we will tell you how you can shipping fast using rapid express freights. Kaz Magazine providing you a best method about Amazon FBA Shipping, in this way you can easily understand.

For a seller to understand clearly how does it works first he has to understand about the Amazon FBA and  rapid express freight then he would easily understand their linking and working.

What is Amazon FBA? How does it works.

FBA stands for fulfillment by Amazon, Amazon FBA  is a logistic service which helps business to grow by accessing Amazon distribution and fulfillment facilities. This method of shipping is very beneficial for the sellers because in this method it is the duty of Amazon to pick up and pack the products from the warehouse, If somehow buyer want to return the product it is also the responsibility of Amazon to handle this inconvenience. There are different advantages of using FBA for shipping which are discussed below.

  1. It is a hassle-free process because the seller has not too worried about anything, his work is just only to go to the platform of Amazon and make a correct list of items, after that, he has to send the inventory to the warehouse of Amazon.
  2. FBA also gives faster delivery options of two days and one day if you are enrolled in the FBA. Other shipping methods may take more than two days for delivering the product, so for fast delivery, you have to choose the QR code.
  3. It also gives discounts on different products; it also gives you free shipping for two days when you will become a prime user. In this way, it will definitely increase your income.
  4. When you have your own warehouse, you have to maintain the storage according to space in the warehouse, but if you are using the FBA Amazon with the QR code, they will offer you unlimited space

FBA shipping fee and fulfillment speed.

FBA fulfillment speed depends upon different factors such as weight of the products and dimension of the product, the fee of FBA shipping depends  upon different factors such as

  1. Dimension of the product
  2. Weight of the product
  3. Packing style(pallets or individual boxes)
  4. Quantity of the products
  5. Quantity of boxes or pallets
  6. Size of the product

After checking all this above information FBA charges the sellers.


In this article we have discussed the most effective way of shipping through Amazon, there are three kind of shipping self shipping, easy shipping and FBA shipping.  But after analysing all of three methods as an expert I suggest people to use FBA shipping method. Copyright @kaz magazine, Don’t publish any part of the content.