What genre is Pacman game Google?

Pac-man is a video game. Pacman game Google is an Arcade game released by Namco. It is started for creating 1979 by a very small team directed by “Toru Lwatani”. The team consisted of nine men. 

The game is created by Namco. The Pac-Man game Google game is a tangled game in simple words a maze game.  At first, the Pacman game Google was released in Japan and the character’s name was Puck-Man. It became very famous in Japan. After seeing this success Midway decided to promote this game in America. The name was changed in America and it also became very successful here.


Most arcade games are shooting games but this one is a maze game. This is a new taste. That is why people like this game very much. This game also creates enthusiasm for game creators to create different games.

About the game

The game creators created the main character the Pac-man. We said who survived by eating the dots because he ate the dots. The dots are in the maze wall.

We also said that the ghosts protected the dots. They are enemies of Pac-Man. They are called ghosts. If Pac-Man touches only one time with the ghost he will die. 

About the character (Pac-Man)

The Pac name is taken by the Puck-man. He is the hero of the game and is controlled by the game player. His mission is to eat all dots by saving himself. The movement is very simple but the game is tough. The player used only four buttons up button, the down button, the left button, and the right button. 

  • Ghosts

Ghosts are the enemies of Pac-Man. These are some ghosts in the game. 

Types of Ghosts:

  • Blinky 

Blinky has the power to run through the wall and turn transparent. He comes from the other place means other ghosts. 

  • Pinky

She is a female ghost. Its color is pink. She remains calm. Pinky has an announcement to avenge Pac-Man but she also loves Pac-Man. 

  • Inky

He is my best friend of blinky. He can be dumb. Its color is blue. Inky is slow and shy. He helps to catch the Pac-Man. 

  • Clyde

Its color is blue. He is a different kind of ghost from all other ghosts as well as a bunch. Also, he tries to stay away from Pac-Man. Of course, he is an enemy of Pac-Man but he is scared to die him. He encouraged the other ghosts to fight well with Pac-Man. 


Sum Up

In this article, I just cover all the possible data of the Pacman game Google. If you want to get some more information please visit this site Kaz Magazine